About Thinking Budget

This is your Thinking Budget. It pays attention to your spending habits and helps you track budgets and financial goals–much like other budgeting tools.

Unlike other budging tools, Thinking Budget also tells you how to adjust your budget when your spending doesn’t match your best intentions.

Thinking Behavior

Our spending and budgeting involves money, but how and why we spend is really about our behavior and how we think about money.

Thinking Budget tracks the money, downloading and categorizing our transactions, plus updating our budget status, but that is not where the real action is.

  • The key here is behavior modification–getting us to think about our spending in ways that nudge our behavior to produce the outcomes we want.

Your Thinking Team

This is a mission (some would call it an obsession) of Jeff Helman and his dedicated collaborators.

After our day job duties are completed, we spend every wagging moment thinking about how to help improve the spending habits of our fellow Thinking Budgeteers–one spending decision at time.